Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missing Ingredients...

A couple weeks ago we had a pot luck dinner to go to at church. Sunday morning I still hadn't decided what to make, but I was thinking I'd go with something simple like macaroni and cheese. That is, until I was told that someone else was planning on lasagna and I decided that lasagna and macaroni and cheese might be a bit much for one meal. I came home and was trying to come up with something by looking through recipes when a lightbulb went off.

What do you have to have with lasagna? Garlic bread!

OK, that will work, I guess I could just go pick up a loaf or two of french bread, slather it with garlic and butter and stick it in the oven but I decided that would be too boring, so I decided to look through my recipes to see if I could find something that I'd be able to make in the 3 hours I had.

I settled on the Cooking Light basic dinner roll recipe because the timing looked about right and I only had to pick a couple things up at the grocery store before I started baking.

After a quick run to the store I got to work mixing the dough. Working as quickly as I could because I had such a limited amount of time. I got everything mixed, stuck the dough in the dryer to rise, then got it back out to shape. I formed them into three different shapes and managed to find room in the dryer to stack 2 pans to let the rolls rise again.

Here is where I added the garlic. While the rolls were rising I mixed up some melted butter with a couple cloves of minced garlic and basted the tops of the rolls with it just before they went into the oven. They came out of the oven about 15 minutes before we had to leave so I let them cool briefly then piled them into a bowl to take with us. First of all, in this rush to get out the door on time I unfortunately was not able to get a picture of the rolls. Second, one of the rolls dropped on the floor as I was transferring them into the bowl, so we decided to split it before we left. I ripped it open and it looked so light and fluffy on the inside, albeit slightly overdone on the outside, and I was really excited about trying it because it looked so good.

We both bit into our chunks of bread, and something was missing. I have apparently developed a bad habit of forgetting to put salt in baked goods. They were still delicious rolls, just a little bland without the salt, and if I need rolls again I would be happy to make these again.

The recipe is here at, if you're looking for easy dinner rolls, these are good.